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Why Euthanasia Should Be Permitted

A doctorís function has changed over time. In the past, the doctor was a person who besides being your friend treated the diseases. Now a doctor is a stranger who combats diseases, but he/she is not always your friend. What will never change is their constant struggle against death. However, their job is not only to prevent death but also to improve their patientís quality of life. Many times there is nothing a doctor can do to prevent a patient from dying if the patient has a terminal disease; all he/she can do is wait for death to arrive. This waiting time can be very painful for both the patients and the people who surround them. Not practicing euthanasia at the request of the dying person is violating a personís rights, creating an economic burden, interfering with a doctorís job, and increasing suffering.

First of all, deciding if you want to be alive or not is a personal decision. Neither the doctors nor the government has the power to decide if you should live or not. Since it is not their life and they are not in your situation, they cannot make that kind of decision for you. It might sound like suicide, but again, that is our problem, not theirs. They give us the liberty to decide our job, our family, our religion, and even our sex preference. Why should they not give us the right to decide if we want to live or not? That should be the first right before all the ones I have mentioned. It is not logical that we can choose in all those other decisions if we cannot first choose to live or die.

Next, comes the economic factor. Many times we do not have enough money to pay for the needed medical care not knowing if the patient is going to get any better. In a way, we are just wasting time and money on a situation that wonít get better. If the patient wants euthanasia, why not do it if we cannot end the huge amount of money wasted on a treatment that wonít help.

Another reason to legalize euthanasia is that if doctors have the liberty to create life, why not of ending it. Nowadays doctors have the ability and are allowed to grow human beings artificially in labs. Who gave them that right? The government did. Therefore, doctors should also be allowed to end life, especially when the person desires it. To me it doesnít make sense that they can create life without having the opportunity to ask that human being if he wants to be created like that, while they cannot let a person die when it is his or her wish. The doctor is just the person who helps the patient to do what he wants.

Finally, the basic reason why euthanasia should be practiced is because it stops the person from having a bad quality of life. As I have said, a doctorís function should not only be the one of curing diseases but also providing the patients a better quality of life. Having a patient suffering is not giving him a better quality of life. When doctors reach this point, then they should be allowed to grant the patient whatever he wants since he or she cannot offer something better. Even if they could offer the patient any kind of treatment or options, it is the patient who should decide how he wants to live his life. We pay the doctor so he can do the best he can. Helping us in having a better quality of life is about giving the patient whatís best for him as long as he wants it. The kind of quality of life is defined by the patient, not the doctor or government. Consequently, when the patient feels he is not getting the quality of life he wants, the least a doctor can do is grant him what he wants. If the patientís decision is to die, so be it.

I have never been in a situation where I have to decide whether euthanasia should be applied to someone or not. But I tell you something: if I ever see myself in that kind of situation, I would have no doubt of agreeing with it. If it is the desire of the person to die, I will support him. I think that choosing how we want to die is not an option that we all get. So be sure I'll help someone on choosing when and how he wants to die. Just imagine yourself in a similar situation. Would you like to be helped by doctors and your friends to die the way you want it or be kept in a room where you can hardly move with machines keeping you alive? Why not end this suffering if we have the power? There is no point of waiting for the person to die if there is nothing the doctors can do about it. If the person wishes to die, we should please him with their last wish. This is why euthanasia should be legal for anyone who desires it.


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