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Students' Cause or Effect Essays - Models

We should begin by extending our hearty "Thanks" to all the students whose essays appear on this page. The Cause or Effect essays below are all written by former students both in the US and Mexico and are included here with the permission of those who wrote them.

  1. Effects of Being an Athlete
  2. Causes of Poverty in Mexico
  3. Effects of Entering a University
  4. The Effects of Alcoholism
  5. The Effects of Being a Foreign Student
  6. Standing Up Your Girlfriend on a Date
  7. Effects of Cigarette Smoking
  8. Causes of Anorexia
  9. The Effects of Exercise
  10. Effects of Living in a Foreign Country
  11. Effects of Overpopulation in Mexico

An interesting aspect of these essays is that they show very well in search engine results. If you do a website search for any of these essay titles or themes, like "Why You Should Not Smoke" or "Causes of Poverty in Mexico" (in quotation marks or not), almost always these essays turn up in the top ten search engine results. (It seems they are usually higher in Google and Bing than in Yahoo.) Anyway, it was not always like that. At first search engine results were relatively low, BUT site visitors LIKE some of these essays and they BOOKMARK them, and when site visitors bookmark a page, that lets search engines know that someone liked the page which pushes it higher in search engine results.

Read any of these essays from the perspective of anyone, and it is easy to see why they are good essays. The common denominator to all these essays is good organization. When writers state the organization of their essays as clearly as these students did in these essays, the essay is both easier for writers to write and readers to read and remember. (If a reader can walk away from an essay remembering the three main reasons for alcoholism, for example, the essay has made a powerful impression.) So after reading and writing a few five-paragraph-essays like these, organization of ideas in both thinking and writing soon becomes natural.