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Plagiarism: Two Perspectives

All essays at ESLBEE.COM are by university students who have given written permission for their work to be published in this site. If you copy/paste an essay and turn it in as your own, it is a very serious academic offence.

The penalties for plagiarism in most universities are very high. From a policy perspective, almost certainly the first incident of plagiarism will get written into the student's permanent record, and a second offence will get a student expelled. From a personal perspective, when your teacher discovers plagiarism (and they almost always do), it not only affects the grade on an essay, but the school's policies once set in motion are always very embarrassing.

From a different perspective, the University of California at Berkeley shows how good documentation makes you look better. They say "Citations allow readers to further explore your sources, show the depth and scope of your research, and add credibility to your work" UC Berkeley.

The reasons to avoid plagiarism are extremely persuasive. Instead of plagiarizing, read widely to see how other writers write, and then take the steps necessary do develop your own writing voice.

Effects of Overpopulation in Mexico

overpopulationIt's a fact that day by day population in Mexico is increasing, and this causes many social, economic, and pollution problems. The main purpose of this essay is to discuss the three main effects of overpopulation in Mexico.

The first major effect of overpopulation in Mexico is unemployment. First of all, there aren't enough sources of jobs in Mexico, so only the most prepared people get a job. This is a great social and economic problem because people who don't work get frustrated and can't support their families.

The second effect of overpopulation in Mexico is the low quality of public services. Natural resources, like water or food, aren't enough for so many people, so there is a lot of thirst and hunger in the country. Also, the level of education is quite low because there are a lot of children or young people who must study, and there are not enough schools or teachers. The same happens with health; hospitals aren't capable of giving attention to all the people who need it, so there are a lot of diseases.

The most significant effect of overpopulation in Mexico is the high level of pollution. Because a great number of people must go by car to their jobs at the same time, amazing traffic jams are caused. This, together with the noise caused by cars and people, causes a great amount of pollution. Also, every day people generate a lot of trash, and this pollutes both water and ground.

All the effects of over population that I have said make a cycle. For example, pollution causes diseases, and these diseases can't be attended because of the insufficient hospitals. That's why I think that we must find a way to organize all the people who live in this country, so we could live in a better environment and have a better quality of life. We must also learn to take care of the natural resources and think of those who are coming. If we don't stop spending our resources and polluting, the next generations will have a huge problem. Finally, I think that Mexico needs to generate more sources of jobs, so everybody can work and satisfy their needs.