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Students' Persuasion Essays - Models

The Persuasion essays below are all written by former students both in the US and Mexico. I'd like to give a hearty "thanks" to these students, first, for being such great students, second, for writing excellent essays and, third, for allowing me to publish them here.

Each essay below was written and revised several times, and this is the process: The first write is a personal rough draft. The second write is a formal draft brought to class, a draft that must have been both typewritten and double spaced leaving room for editing. Within the class period, students exchange papers and review each other's essays focusing first on organization (global) and then on local aspects of writing. The paper is then rewritten and turned in for grading. Papers are then graded, edited or corrected (at least to an extent), returned to the student, revised again, and the final copy turned in for a grade. The final revisions are the essays here below.

  1. Why You Should Not Watch Too Much Television
  2. Why Mexican Families Should Practice Family Planning
  3. Why Students Should Eat Breakfast Every Day
  4. Why People Should Ride a Bicycle for Short Distance Trips
  5. Why Women Should Not Have an Abortion
  6. Why Street Sellers of Merchandise and Foods Should be Prohibited in Queretaro
  7. Why You Should Not Smoke
  8. Why People Should Read for Pleasure
  9. Why We Should Not Compare Ourselves With Others
  10. Why You Should Communicate Effectively
  11. Why Mexico Should Sign a Trade Agreement With the European Union
  12. Why Family and Friends Should Help People With Eating Disorders
  13. Why Children Should Report Maltreatment by their Parents
  14. Why People Should Exercise
  15. Why Euthanasia Should be Permitted
  16. Why We Should Complain About Bad Service
  17. Why Should You Become a Vegetarian?
  18. Why Mexico Should Adopt the Silver Standard

All the essays above are not only well-organized, but they were written near the end of the semester after students had studied voice which means students wrote about issues they thought important. The assignment was for students to write an essay to persuade. They chose their topics.